Archery Tag®

The ORIGINAL family-friendly combat archery sport!
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Archery Tag®

10 to 100+ Players

1 or More Hours of Play

Play multiple games with a group of 10 or rotate in a large group of 30-100 people in an hour! 

No Experience Required

Never shot a bow and arrow before? Don’t worry! These specially designed cadet bows are easy to use. You get better with each shot!

The Perfect Birthday or Group Outing!

Bring some battle to you next family party, birthday, school or staff activity!

What is Archery Tag®?

  • A safe, family-oriented sport that satisfies everyone’s competitive spirit as well as the thrill seeker.
  • Requires no athletic ability or prior skill.
  • People find that our foam tipped arrows are non-intimidating.
  • Offers an interactive experience that is more physical than other activities like Laser Tag.
  • No bruising or welts.
  • The fastest growing sport of its kind.

Archery Tag® is the ORIGINAL family-friendly combat archery sport.

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